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Barrica de Cerveza Mica Botellines Cerveza Mica La cerveza tuvo su origen en Egipto. La cebada era el cultivo más frecuente de Mesopotamia. En Cerveza Mica queremos hacer una cerveza excelente, natural, artesanal, diferente, hecha con la mejor materia prima.

The origin of the beer in the world.

At Neolithic Mesopotamia in 3,500 BC, the Sumerians manufactured an alcoholic drink called Kash. This drink is the origin of the beer as we know today, whose name comes from the Latin cerevisia, according to information provided by Pliny to talk a drink consumed by the Gauls.

Egypt also drink, beer, brewed from barley, the most common culture of Mesopotamia, could have a ritual use associated with the world of religion and gods. When a ruler died or character prestige offered libations of beer and when certain important ceremonies were held.

The beer was also used as medicine, being used to develop some ointments or salves. It was also used as a component of the diet in the form of bread or drink, consumed as pieces of chipboard and cooked malt. The latter were issued as payment to workers .

The origin of the beer in our area.

From the third century, the first human inhabitants of Celtic origin began to occupy these lands along the Douro.

They had a pretty varied cuisine and first concoctions that were developed mead ( fermented honey and water) and beer.

And our origin, Beer MICA

It is much simple, of course.

We just want to make a great beer, natural, craft, different, made ​​with the best raw materials, ours, but especially and most importantly is made for you to discover and enjoy.


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